Hippocampus Success Seminar Registration - Fall, 2014

Named after the part of the brain involved in memory formation, organization, and learning processes, the Hippocampus Success Seminar is an interactive, 4-week program designed to orient new students to the academic rigor and expectations of the college classroom. Students who successfully complete the Seminar will better understand how the mind works and learn specific strategies that will lay the foundation for success.  This is a FREE program sponsored by the Creighton EDGE.  Sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm.
Session 1 (September 10) – A Beautiful Mind (the psychology of learning)
Session 2 (September 17) – The Choices You Have (tried and true study skills)
Session 3 (September 24) – California Street (act like you belong here)
Session 4 (October 1) – The Three R’s (the Creighton approach to reading, writing, and research

Students should plan to participate in all 4 sessions - and those who do will earn a highly 
coveted, uniquely designed T-SHIRT!

Your registration below guarantees your spot!

We will contact you with more details as we get closer to August.  In the meantime, if you need more information or have any questions, please contact Dr. Joseph Ecklund, Director of Academic Success, at 402-280-5531 or josephecklund@creighton.edu.

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