Assessment Mentoring Program

The Office of Academic Excellence and Assessment has established a cadre of assessment mentors to assist individuals, programs, and departments in conducting the many activities that compose quality assessment.  This group of individuals is available to assist in those activities, but they are not available to do the work of assessment.  When an individual, program, or department has needs in the area of assessment, you can request mentoring assistance by completing the Request for Assessment Assistance. 

Request for Assessment Assistance

1. Faculty and/or Staff Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:

2. Assessment Type:
Individual Course (course number) 
Program Assessment (program name) 
Department Assessment (department name) 

3. Assessment Topics: [Check all that apply]
Assessment of Student Learning
Educational Outcomes and Objectives
Curriculum (Assessment) Mapping
Developing Rubrics
Direct/Indirect Measures
Triangulation with University Data Sources
Course-Level Assessment
Program Assessment
Analyzing Assessment Data
Reporting Assessment Data
Make Decisions Using Assessment Data
Close the Loop Using Assessment Data
Other  (describe need) 

4. Please describe the nature of the mentoring assistance you are seeking:

Thank you for submitting your Request for Assessment Assistance.  You will receive a response from the AEA office within 2 business days. 

Questions regarding the Assessment Mentoring Program, contact Dr. Mary Ann Danielson, Associate Vice President, Academic Excellence and Assessment at 402-280-2535 or

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