Simulation Evaluation Instrument


 Institutional affiliation


 How do you plan to use the C-CEI©?

 If using "Other," please explain

Agreement for use of the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument (C-CEI)

I understand that I have been granted permission by the creators of the C-CEI© to use the C-CEI© for academic and/or research purposes. 

I confirm that I will complete the required training prior to use of the C-CEI©.  In addition, I agree that all individuals working with the C-CEI© will also complete the required training prior to using the instrument. 

I agree that I will use the C-CEI© only for its intended use, and will not alter the C-CEI© in any way. 

I understand that I may be asked to share results on any validity or reliability data as determined with the creators of the C-CEI©.